2022 - Expect to develop new products with high-efficiency gaming PC 80PLUS Platinum 1200-2000W

2021 - Develop and complete new products, high-efficiency gaming PC 80PLUS Gold 650-850W, ultra-thin gaming Adapter 135W-240W.

2020 - The development of new products, high-efficiency gaming power supply 80PLUS Bronze 550-750W, low-end Netcom wall plug-in Adapter 12-36W, PD (Power Delivery) Adapter 30/45/65W

2018 - Award for EPSON Annual Excellent Quality


Bestec Power Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1988, as a leading designer & manufacturer of Switching Power Supply for over 21 years, we’ve owned reputation first teer SPS solutions providers in worldwide major brands of Desktop / Laptop PC industry.